Your New IT Department Is Here
we take challenges and turn them into workable solutions...
We offer a wide variety of IT solutions
to fit your needs
Remote Support
Having your IT Department remote in to see what you see is only one of the benefits. It’s also more efficient, faster response time and less intrusive.
Managed Antivirus
Why worry about whether you have the right antivirus or if it’s up to date we’ll keep you safe with our state of the art antivirus protection.

Web Filtering
Antiviruses will protect your computer from intrusion but why even give them the chance to get in. We protect you from those websites before they even get in.

Email Support

Whether you have Exchange, Office 365, G Suite or your own email provider we have you covered.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

We have backup solutions to fit your business needs and replication to our state of the art cloud based servers for when disaster strikes.

Windows & Software Patches

Whether it’s Windows Updates or software updates such as Java & Adobe we’ll take care of it for you so you don’t have to.

Price calculator


$150 per device/workstation
$250 per server
We also offer hourly service


$150 per hour

Cloud Based Servers & Network Security
bringing your business to the cloud & keep your data safe
With our state of the art
cloud based servers you can
Cut costs in capital expenditures
Without having to spend thousands of dollars on a new server

Cut operational expenses
Electricity, battery backup maintenance and air conditioning maintenance

Rest easy
Knowing that your data is safe and secure.

Network Security
Is a must in today's world
Keep Your Data & Identity Safe
Leaving your network unprotected means that at any time your system could be breached by viruses, trojans or malicious hackers who could obtain and distribute personal information.
Keep Your Client's Information Safe

Without network security you could unknowingly provide internet predators with your customer’s information. Which could put your business, your livelihood at stake.

Having Network Security In Place Will Save You Money

In stead of being reactive, be proactive. Taking the necessary measures to protect your network will keep you from spending money fixing issues.

Easy To Understand
Monthly Service Agreements


One flat rate per server, includes everything. One time setup fee for backup.

Per User Based Service

If you have more devices than users, this is the service agreement for you. User based service includes 3 devices and everything above. One time setup fee for backup.

Per Device Based Service

Alternatively to the user based service, if you have more users than devices this service agreement allows you to only pay for the devices being maintained. One time setup fee for backup.

Flexible Service Agreement
If you change the number of users, devices or servers we will adjust accordingly.

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